Download (ARM/x86)

The Popcorn Linux kernel is distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

The Popcorn Linux compiler toolchain is also distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, except for the following components:

Note: The Popcorn Linux OS and compiler code is released as-is but is still under heavy development.  Check back frequently for updates.

Getting Started

There are two repositories for Popcorn Linux on ARM/x86 -- one for the kernel and one for the compiler, which includes the state transformation runtime.

Getting and installing Popcorn Linux

Visit the Popcorn Linux OS repository on Github and see the wiki for instructions on getting started.

Getting and installing the compiler toolchain

Visit the Popcorn Linux compiler repository on Github.  Additionally, see HW0 for installing and getting started, and a first compile example on the wiki.

Getting Popcorn Linux benchmarks and applications

Visit the Popcorn Linux benchmark repository on Github for benchmarks and applications that have been tested and validated.